Heptagon's Mission

The primary mission of Heptagon Metaverse is to create a world where all sports fans in the world can watch live broadcasts in the Metaverse environment, shop from Sports Stores, mint and trade NFTs, participate in individual or team sports with their Avatars, and do sports in the Metaverse area under one roof.
It creates a WORLD where NFT can produce and sell, join the Avatars in individual or team sports and can do sports in Meteverse.
However, as HEPTAGON, we believe that the most critical feature of Metaverse should be a universe that benefits users with an economy that revolves around a decentralized structure.
For this reason, we create new opportunities for investors by reinterpreting the economic structure of the Sports World in the METAVERSE area.
In a word, we are building a new universe for the Sports Economy by bringing the World of Sports to the METAVERSE Field with BLOCKCHAIN technologies' products.
Last modified 10mo ago