1- Live broadcast revenues: All live broadcasts will be watched in exchange for Hepta Tokens.

2- Commission income from shopping transactions: Hepta Token will be taken as commission from all transactions to be made from Stores in Heptagon Metaverse.

3- Hepta Token commission income from NFT Market, Avatar Market, NFT land purchases and sales.

4- Heptagon Metaverse advertising revenues: Sports clubs, Sports Stores' advertising revenues will be received as Hepta Tokens.

5- Income from rentals and purchases of Metaverse Stores: All Store, Space, rental, and purchase-sale transactions will be made in exchange for Hepta Tokens.

6- Sponsorship revenues: All sponsorship agreements will be made through Hepta Token and revenues will be transferred to Heptagon Metaverse.

Distribution of stake income:

After deducting fixed Platform expenses such as server costs and personnel expenses from the above-mentioned revenues, up to 60% of the remaining net income is planned to be distributed to users as Hepta Tokens as stake income. Based on the duration and amount of Hepta Tokens that users stake on the Hepta Stake platform, users will have a stake in the stake pool. As the total stakes change, the amount of stake income distributed as a reward may also change. 20% of the remaining net income will be spent on platform development and 20% will be transferred to the Heptagon Education Foundation. *Hepta Stake platform will be launched depending on Heptagon Metaverse developments.

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