All transactions are made with HEPTA TOKEN, which is the basic transaction unit of the Heptagon Metaverse. As a utility Token, Hepta Token is the foundation of its entire ecosystem. With the HEPTA token, users will be able to participate in live broadcast events from sports to arts, build the stadiums of the clubs they support, produce NFTs, set up their own NFT markets, and shop from both AVATAR market and Sports stores. Thanks to Hepta Token, produced in limited quantities of 360 million on the BSC network, users will be able to watch the matches of the clubs they support, as well as purchase their official products and have their NFTs.

In addition, with Hepta Token, each team will be able to create their own Store and fan groups will be able to build Halls and Arenas for their own communities, and they will be able to trade the lands around their club's stadiums with Hepta Token. Hepta Token, which will be used for all these transactions, also gives users the opportunity to earn income. Hepta Stake: With the Hepta Stake platform, users will be able to get a share of the Heptagon Metaverse area net income.

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