Heptagon Metaverse refers to a multiverse that allows transition not only between different areas created within its own metaverse structure but also between different metaverse areas or metaverse areas created in different networks. Hepta Token is the key to this universe and the basic component of the ecosystem.

In Heptagon Metaverse, by using Hepta Token, users will be able to access every aspect of the ecosystem, from match tickets to NFT production. In addition, users will be able to use Hepta Token in different networks by swapping Hepta Token through contracts written for different networks, which allow the Hepta Token to be transacted in Metaverses set up in different networks. Users will be able to develop their avatars and sneakers, which they will use to participate in the games in Heptagon Metaverse and have the opportunity to stand out in the race.

Heptagon Metaverse also claims to be the basic universe of Virtual Sports Store, that Users can buy and sell a limited number of NFTs produced and shop at the official club store or sports stores. Heptagon Metaverse will also serve as a marketing area for people and companies who want to market their products or services. Heptagon Metaverse also claims to be the core universe of Virtual Sports Stores. Users will be able both to buy and sell limited-edition NFTs and shop from official club stores or sports shops.

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