Hepta Token

Key to Heptagon; HEPTA, being the KEY to experience our extraordinary universe, will award our supporters private rights to discounts with their shopping explorations within Heptagon. Our community associates will also receive priority and rebates on NFT VINTAGE SERIES launchers and all other NFTs available within our platform. Moreover, as mentioned previously we provide a swap facility for FAN TOKENS in the Heptagon swap platform and within different networks.

Swapping fan tokens to HEPTA will show them the way how to build their favorite team stadiums on land they purchase within our Heptagon Universe and slowly create Virtual Assets on their own personal property. Obtaining tickets with HEPTA tokens for the activities and events of their choice and watching them with their personal XR devices or those acquired from our market will be as easier as ever. All that will be left is to enjoy the powerful experience we are going to provide. Being there in Mind and Soul is the future of all things.

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