Metaverse -2

Currency: The Heptagon team decided to invent its own legal tender. The implementation of the HEPTA TOKEN (cryptocurrency) was one of our greatest realizations. Business network; The process used for recording transactions and tracking assets using our HEPTA TOKEN in the HEPTAGON and within our Metaverse World is Blockchain Technology.

A platform that protects digital information from being altered, deleted, or destroyed. New Vision; In order to produce and engender value within the Sports Industry, our Heptagon platform is planning on introducing a new vision that will give birth to a new World within the Metaverse Universe.

A vision, which will initiate all HEPTA TOKEN users to a great volume of benefits and supplies. User-Oriented; Heptagon, being a Sports themed Universe, is also one of the most useroriented in the Metaverse. With its limited space, users will be able to follow the events of their choice as if they were inside the Stadium or the Arena, sitting next to their friends or family, or even a stranger. They will see and feel all the interactions live.

Meanwhile, they are simply sitting on their sofas or anywhere else while the event is unfolding in front of their eyes and they are enjoying the matches. Data Transferring: Our concept and design are formed around the transfer of sports complexes like stadiums, arenas, and more to the Heptagon Universe. Achieving this will be done using different maps. Maps created according to โ€œreal dimensionsโ€ in cooperation with Global Partners.

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