How Did Heptagon Idea Emerged?

Now in our lives, the most asked question is when some habits took a start and being actioned in life often remains unknown, maybe empty or even void.

We can say that maybe the first two of them are Sports and Music passion. But , we all somehow are part of the Sports World. Sometimes as a sporting

individual, but mostly sports in every way in our life. We are sports enthusiasts who take their place as a tracker.

Heptagon Metaverse is the product of the team that has long been researching and studying for this, looking for ways to combine Blockchain technology and Sport with

passion. To accomplish this, we are moving the sports world to Metaverse with Heptagon


In the Sports World, when transferring to Metaverse, all transactions had to be taken place in Blockchain with transparency and a new ecosystem that would be created

in Heptagon to users, all to be done in trust. So we open a new universe for sports lovers and create a unique portunity space for our future investors who believe in us. In the

World, seven out of every ten people are engaging in sports or following them, and our goal is to bring all sports lovers together in this new World. The text you will be

reading below will find a piece of Heptagon and all sports lovers and investors themselves….

"The story of all of us''

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