Metaverse -1

Metaverse Universe; Our intent is to award all individuals who join our Heptagon Community with a world that enables them to open multiple interacting gateways within our Metaverse. Our team is devoted to creating a virtual environment parallel to our existing physical universe.

A world our team defines as a β€œcarbon copy” of the real world we live in. Convenience and Utility; The resources and options in this Metaverse Universe will be abundant. Users will be able to enjoy competing and game-playing with friends and other users. Shopping while browsing through an immense variety of goods offered among our multiple and diversified partners. Users will also be able to attend and coordinate their work without ever leaving their homes or their current environment.

Augmented Reality; The application of augmented reality throughout our platform will allow all our Heptagon users in our community to travel the world's Stadiums and Arenas. Visit places they have never imagined they could. Corners of the world they have only seen in a book or on television. Participate in activities and games while exploring the world in 3D imagery. Meet with friends in a variety of locations, hold meetings with colleagues and partners or just simply spend some time alone in the virtual environment of their choice.

The Big Picture: Our Metaverse establishes a gateway for everyone ready to confront and welcome the future. The previously used gaming methods and techniques have entered a new wave. A revolutionary cutting-edge era has begun in the gaming world. We no longer need to only participate in a game; it is now possible to be the game.

Our Primary Goal: The Heptagon community has many different objectives. Our most fundamental and predominant one is the unfolding of the Sports World beyond our imagination in the Metaverse.

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