Industry Assessment

In this chapter, we will basically discuss the economic dimension of the sports industry, the opportunities offered by the metaverse world, and our solution proposals for the transfer of sports to the metaverse world.

As a whole with the sports sector; We are talking about a professional individual or team sports events, carrying out of these events and the promotion of these events, the broadcasting of these events to the masses, the participation of the masses as spectators in these sports, the advertisements of the clubs and the earnings from these advertisements.

At the same time, we are talking about a very wide ecosystem, from the tickets purchased by the fans to all kinds of memorabilia items such as jerseys and shoes, from the transfer fees of professional athletes to advertising and sponsorship agreements, and broadcasting rights; From products sold in applications that have become widespread thanks to e-sports, to NFT products…

Looking at the overall market value of the current Sports industry, today's global sports industry is estimated to be worth approximately 480 - 620 billion USD, according to a recent study by Kearney on sports teams, leagues, and federations. This figure includes infrastructure construction, sporting goods, licensed products, and live sporting events.

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