Heptagon Adevertising

  • The advertising and sponsorship agreements as well as the broadcasting rights, occasioned by these events, by professional athletes will generate royalties that will be managed and promoted within our Heptagon Ecosystem. Additionally, the use of gaming applications like E-Sports and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets have been gaining popularity and will render our platform more appealing to our users.

  • Industry assessment; According to a recent study, originated by Kearney, a leader in Global management and consulting, the estimated value of the Sports Industry is approximate USD 480 - 620 billion U.S.Dollars. The Global Media and Entertainment ndustry value alone will reach the cap of USD2.6 trillion by 2025. These astronomic figures that are on the rise include infrastructure, sporting goods, licensed products, the broadcasting of all live sporting events and so much more.

  • Sporting goods market; At an estimated amount of USD126.23 billion presently, the value of the global sporting goods market will reach the sum of approximately USD148.2 billion by the year 2023 and will just keep rising. E-Sport; In a detailed breakdown of the gaming market, Newzoo has revealed important information about

  • E-Sports in terms of revenue and gamer forecasts. E-Sports, relatively new to the gaming ecosystem has succeeded in shaping the gaming industry with revenues exceeding USD 1 billion and has begun to take its own space in the gaming ecosystem.

  • Heptagon’s direction: The information and research gathered and shared globally is immeasurable. Our objective in Heptagon is to carry all these breakthroughs and formulas into the METAVERSE UNIVERSE and create a New World. A world that is there to band together all users and unite them to build something that will exceed all expectations.

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