Heptagon Metaverse Revenues

1-Live broadcast revenues: All live broadcasts will be watched in exchange for Hepta Tokens.

2-Commission income from shopping transactions: Hepta Token will be taken as commission from all transactions to be made from Stores in Heptagon Metaverse.

3-Hepta Token commission income from NFT Market, Avatar Market, NFT land purchases and sales.

4-Heptagon Metaverse advertising revenues: Sports clubs, Sports Stores' advertising revenues will be received as Hepta Tokens.

5-Income from rentals and purchases of Metaverse Stores: All Store, Space, rental, and purchase-sale transactions will be made in exchange for Hepta Tokens.

6-Sponsorship revenues: All sponsorship agreements will be made through Hepta Token and revenues will be transferred to Heptagon Metaverse.

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