Heptagon Metaverse

Heptagon Metaverse:

The basic principle of the Heptagon Metaverse is to transfer the world of Sports to the Metaverse Area. For this purpose, we are reconstructing the Stadiums and Arenas in the Real World in the Metaverse Universe by scaling them with their current locations in the Metaverse Space. In this area, where Clubs, companies operating in the field of Sports, and Sports Wear Brands will be located, apart from Stadiums and Arenas, users will be able to both watch sports events in 3D in Stadiums built in the Virtual Universe and shop in stores built for companies operating on sports, especially Sports Wear Stores and Sports Gear Stores. Heptagon Ecosystem: Our Ecosystem is abundant and widespread. It will set in motion and trigger the acquisitions and purchases of numerous commodities and products, such as Team Sportswear ex. (Jerseys) and Sports Gear ex. (shoes).

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