Metaverse -4

Function process. Mapping; All of the infrastructure (stadiums, arenas ….) will be produced on the 3D platforms, based on Earth Maps.

All of these buildings will be added to HEPTAGON in line with the demands and requests of the members of our community. Fans and members will contribute to the construction of existing infrastructure from the Real World to the Virtual Universe.

Avatar Identity; In our Heptagon Metaverse all users will be acknowledged and treated as entities via the Avatar of their choice. The identity card transported in this universe will be the self - character of that user in Heptagon. This identity will be found in the user’s crypto asset wallet as NFT on Blockchain. Avatar attire; Additionally, members will be capable to alter and transform their unique Avatars according to their aspirations. Choosing through a variety of attire as the jerseys and shoes of their favorite teams and consequently will have the opportunity to express themselves using such assets.

Trading NFTs; All members of our community, will be able to trade NFTs. Crafting their own NFTs on Blockchain and selling them in the NFT Market. In addition, users will also be able to access VINTAGE SERIES NFTs from the VINTAGE MARKET. NFT series of champion teams and NFT series of champion athletes will be generated on Blockchain as a collection and can be sold at our HEPTAGON VINTAGE MARKET. Heptagon Swap; Thanks to the HEPTAGON give - and- take, members will have the chance to swiftly and securely swap their FAN TOKENS for the HEPTA, HEPTAGON Metaverse token.

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